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Art is life, and life is art. Plain and simple.


by Luthiae

This is such a beautifully impactful and emotionally captivating piece I had to write a critique on it, even though I put it in my favorites a while ago. The whole atmosphere reminds me of what a Medieval love of Rapunzel or Romeo & Juliet would look like or be in our of time today. From the placeme...

What beauty and romance doesn't emerge from this piece? This is something to be respected. The prose/poetry and image lock with one another like two meant to be lovers connected in chemistry. Obviously, the words hint at a hidden heart exposed to seek and capture a far off dream as distant as the mo...

It's been a while since I've seen something as original and just as creative as this. All of these pieces should be a compilation. The idea is direct, its interesting, very colorful, inspiring to develop new yet original ideas. It's direct, in your face, cute, and filled with vibrant personality jus...

by gilad

This picture was so good that I had to do a double take and give it a Critique. This picture has so many deep elements within it I don't even know where to begin. First off I too do see life as a chess game, though your words shouldn't be so elaborated. Not for a piece as deep as this. I'd take all ...


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I got my own atmosphere.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am Immense

I am (partially) universal.

I am a hybrid.

I am a trend setter.

I am NOT a people person and never will be. I'm more of anti-social. My friend circle is always small. I don't care for a big circle of friends. I don't trust people much.
I am only here to accomplish my goals and leave earth.

I am a theme artist. Whatever I go into, I pull out the full complete effect.

I am not bizarre, I am rare.
I am not lost, I am unique. (rejected)
I am not common, I have my own path.
They reject only because they do not understand, but when they do, they segregate and reject anyways because they do not accept what's different. They want what is the same as them, and I am nothing like them. They cover me up because they do not want others to know the truth.

Life of the traveler who goes through other lives and absorbs. You destroyed our family branch life of the traveler.

I AM THE KING OF CREATIVITY. I am one of the most talented people to ever step foot on this earth. (Or as the voices so tell me, since they rip my abilities and entertainment out of me and use it ahead of time before I am able to come into the time frame to use it.)

I created the highest most intense forms of music on earth that can't be matched. The world has rejected me for it because their puny minds cannot fathom the conceptions themselves all by their lonesome. Never again will there be born to this earth, one such as I. No man will ever be able to challenge what I have made. No man that has been born, man that exists now, or will be born in the future. The pinnacle has been reached,....the ceiling broken,..and the grounds of heavens scratched at its stability's holding, by me. No one will reach, touch and scratch that far ever again.

(I'm a background theme artist, I'm not foreground. The front limelight is for others, but I still want to make my own animation).…

The bottom line to your questions about me is,...


Conversation rules the nation>
<but actions speak louder than words...

"People fear what they don't understand" was right in the early 90s X-Men shows that Storm and Cyclops spoke.


I'm an enigma...

I'm deep...

I'm an intense artist. I'm the pendulum that swings back and forth between the light and darkness displaying both sides evenly for you to choose from. Your dream come true or your worst nightmare. I have no middle ground.

(I have my own style....that,...and intense mood swings)

A song I mixed on Soundation Studio:…

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I'm a hybrid. An musician, poet, and philosopher. Life's forever apprentice and creative artist.

The main thing I should have been, is a writer. I consider myself an interesting, intense, and captivating writer.

(The one thing that I have learned about this life is that this life is about accomplishing your goals before you die. Its also about dying while the next life is about living.

My Music Pagez:

Asian style:…



Welcome to the world of Nightphoenix.

My ability:

(Metaphorically Speaking in the comic book world...)

Rouge/Bishop/Sebastian Shaw/Synch (Everett Thomas)

(My ability)

Absorption. Absorbing understanding and utilizing an idea or concept and manipulating it into a feel, atmosphere, theme or musical theme of understanding. A great attribute, and a great hindrance all in one. I have the ability to absorb the core essence out of something and utilize it.


Where something ends, something else begins. And where something begins, something else is ending.

Peering ever so far into the darkness you feel comfortable with what you are used to. Approaching the glow as a insect to light there is a calm reassuring warmth. Do you ever come to a realization of what is truth when you are exposed to the light? The light makes you aware of your standing within the spotlight. Will you give up all you've obtained and become so familiar with to follow the way of truth, or will you become overtaken and consumed by the fear that keeps you from following the uncomfortable way that has filled you with so much pride you refuse to give it all up.

I love puzzles, games, knowledge, logic, philosophy, and I like solving riddles. I write poetry, stories, music, character design, draw, invent, etc. I one day want to write, direct, and compose background music for my own anime.

In the comic book world I would be Nightcrawler.

Current Residence: Silent Hill
Favourite genre of music: Pop/Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime, meets Comic book and Digital Pop
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Skin of choice: Old Script

Personal Quote: "What goes around Comes Round"; You only got one bullet, so make the shot count." Gal. 6:7

King James Version (KJV)

Exodus 20:15 Thou Shalt Not STEAL!

Galatians 6:7

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


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Enter: X-Men Vol. 2 #22-The MASK behind the FACADE

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 29, 2013, 1:54 PM


This was my first comic book so I went into extra detail about how I felt to make the blog longer. Its ironic because in real life, I talk straight to the blunt core point with simplicity (whenever I skip the details.) So if you find details of self expression and emotions annoying, just skip it;, but since it was my first, I just wanted to elaborate.                                                                                             
                         My 20th Anniversary since I started reading: The X-Men

    My Introduction into Marvel's world was X-Men Vol. 2 #22 (July, 1993). I remember back in the day, in 5th grade (the year I did my first Michael Jackson dance of a talent show), sitting at a desk I was introduced to my first X-Men comic by one of my class mates. That was the year he also introduced me to the art signature by showing me his. It took me a few years but I finally found  mine too. 

    Anyways, after seeing his I was so overly drawn and attracted to the X-Men I went and had my mom buy me my first comic book at Brookshire Brothers (a grocery store). It was back in 1993 and the title was called "The Mask Behind the Facade". The comic book was basically about, As Lord Nyoirin put it, "You  are both Kwannon and both Elisabeth Braddock. The essential question is - can either of you ever truly become whole again? And more... do you desire to?"

    I didn't even realize it but seems like the paradox has been apart of my life in so many ways and I didn't even know it. I had been working on my Pandora's Paradox story concepts for months when I just figured out a few days ago that my very first X-Men comic at age 11 was a paradox itself.

    The cover looking ever so fierce w/ the 'sword in your face' action that was like candy to my eyes; and what eye candy it was. That's when I got hooked on Andy Kubert's style, later finding out the difference between him and Adam's art to eventually move into training my art style after Jim Lee. I have to say that at first glance I didn't know what I was looking at. The guy on the cover looked like some sort of mime toy soldier or Mad Hater mixed with Joker. I didn't know what I was in for but I knew it had to be good because X-Men was very popular at that time.

    I opened the first page and there it was, the beginning path into the interesting tasteful world of X-Men and one of the things that led to my fascination of Japan and Asian women. The cusp of eastern Asian philosophy and western American conceptualization that descended into a world of where I am now was dropped into my lap. Its kind of ironic that the first comic book that caused me to be overly into Psylocke, and Asian women turned out to not actually be Asian at all, but British. I was confused over the idea that she was British when she had an Asian body, I was possibly thinking that she grew up in Great Britain like Natalie Tran. At that time, I didn't care what the difference was.

   Anyways, The first page to me was locked and loaded. I already knew who Gambit was. A cajun w/ a dark rich charming personality mixed with a bit of cocky non-chalant 'ready for whatever' attitude. I could see that smirk on his face that said, 'Heh,...I'm with my posse, my amigos, my comrades. We tha' X-Men;...and you see those cards I'm holding? Its a royal flush. I always got an ace up my sleeve.' I vaguely knew Psylocke from when a friend at school used to show me her. I always heard the other kids say, "She's hot! They always draw her w/ thick thighs!". So, I came to know her as this 'sexy', mystic, bad-@$& Japanese ninja chick w/ this obscure misconstrued past. At that time I thought, "Wow, can you beat a ninja that's psychic? She can see the future, read your thoughts, and patterns before you can swing a punch. That has to be the baddest female on the planet!" Until years later I started to understand the true structure of fighting and martial arts, which is you can't anticipate anything. You can only react to movement or an event at the moment of occurrence.

    Her holding that psychic blade taunting her opponent to 'bring it on' was chemistry in itself but even more so when I saw her psychic blade opposed to the pose of Revanche's blade. Revanche was the new "who is this?" appealing character to me, bent over with her version psychic blade out ready for an attack. Seeing them all together as a force I thought, "Man, this is about to get intense. They look like they're ready for havoc in some wealthy Asian-like providence." The panel over I saw an unconscious beast's head being held up like a trophy so I knew something had went down. I turned the page and all Hell broke loose across two pages against the masked man they called the Silver Samurai in a stubborn pose that made him look more stout that a tree with its roots planted in the ground. I could almost feel the force of his confidence equal the magnitude of his fall. In general, I knew who cyclops was from other comics and the 90's cartoon show. Whenever I saw him stand firm not backing down and always at Xavier's side with with his red fierce visor, it always made me think, "Now, that's a leader!" 

    Page 17 was was the first time I got dropped off into a perplexed conspiracy. The first moment of a paradox with hidden deceit along with misunderstood motives. The drawings were very detailed and Andy Kubert knew just how to capture the moment in his drawings. When I got to the very end I saw an overly dense sinister with the camera looking down at his dominance as the steam from his great dissimates into the cold of air. The flappings of his purposely, shreaded cape flipping through double colors of the wind as his blood shot eyes contemplate the most evilest of diabolical clandestine.

X-Men Vol. 2 #22 (July, 1993)

Cover Artist: Andy Kubert…


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  • Reading: X-Men Vol 2 #22 1993 - The Mask Behind the Facade
  • Watching: X-Men (90s Tv Cartoon Series)
  • Playing: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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